Thanksgiving Sandwich & Stuffing Bread

Great Harvest Bread Co. Northville


Make amazing stuffing and great leftover sandwiches with our handmade sandwich breads, made with simple & wholesome ingredients.

Stuffing Bread, tastes just like stuffing.  Made with our fresh ground wheat flour, white flour, water, honey, celery, onions, yeast, thyme, sage, salt, and pepper

Honey Whole Wheat made with fresh ground wheat flour (wheat), water, honey, yeast, & salt 

Old Fashioned White made with 5 simple ingredients, white flour, water, honey, yeast, & salt

Michigan Herb Rye made with rye, white and fresh ground wheat flour, water, honey, onions, dill, yeast & salt

Cranberry Walnut made with white & fresh ground wheat flour, water, honey, walnuts, dried cranberries, yeast & salt

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