Thanksgiving Order Form

Available Monday November 19th - Wednesday November 22nd

All orders must be pre-paid and received by Friday November 17th

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ROLLS - Honey Wheat $7.25/doz    
ROLLS - White $6.95/doz    
ROLLS - Herb Rye $8.25/doz    
ROLLS - Cranberry Walnut $8.50/doz    
Honey Whole Wheat $6.25              Round or Toaster
Old Fashioned White $5.95   Round or Toaster
Michigan Herb Rye $6.95   Round or Toaster
Stuffing Bread $7.95 Round or Toaster
Cinnamon Chip $6.95   Round or Toaster
Cheddar Garlic $8.50    
Pepperoni Rolls $5.75    
Cinnamon Swirl $7.75    
Cranberry Walnut $7.50    
Pumpkin Choc Chip- 2# tin $9.50    
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