What is a whole grain?

Great Harvest breads made with our fresh milled wheat flour are 100% whole grain.  This means that the whole wheat kernel (grain) goes into our mill and is ground into flour. 

The kernel of wheat is a natural miracle, a storehouse of nutrients that has nourished people for thousands of years - the "staff of life".  Each kernel (it takes about a million to fill a bushel basket) has three parts:

1.  The BRAN is the protective outer shell of the kernel.  It contains important antioxidants, B vitamins, minerals, phenolic compounds, phytochemicals and FIBER!  The bran is removed from white flour.

2.  The ENDOSPERM is the largest and starchiest part of the the grain.  The carbohydrates nourish the germ as it develops into a plant.  It also provides protein, vitamins and minerals.

3.  The GERM is the embryo that will sprout into a plant and the only portion of the grain that contains healthy fats.  It contains vitamins including B vitamins, vitamin E, as well as some protein, phytochemicals and minerals

White flour is made by removing the wheat bran and wheat germ, leaving only the starchiest part of the grain.  

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